«European strategy and policy analysis system-espas» . «European strategy and policy analysis system-espas».

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Member States define the main topics and working methods for policy collaboration on culture through Work Plans for Culture, which are adopted by the Council of the European Union.

The European Security Strategy: Changing the Global Security...

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A key person in the Community creation process was Jean Monnet , regarded as the "founding father" of the European Union, which is seen as the dominant force in European integration.

The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group

The goal is to strengthen the EU’s international cultural relations through three objectives

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European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 | EUROPEAN INNOVATION...

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region was endorsed by the European Council in 7566 and is the second macro-regional strategy in Europe. The Strategy provides a basis for improved cooperation among 69 countries along the Danube River. It aims to improve the effectiveness of regional integration efforts and leverage the impact of policies at the EU, national and local levels. 96 68 98

Commissioner Valean's Speech: 'EU strategy for mobility and...

The strategic engagement focuses on the following 5 priority areas:

Since 7569, the Commission has taken a number of steps to facilitate the development of a data-agile economy, such as

- To define and implement the second phase of the flexicurity agenda, together with European social partners, to identify ways to better manage economic transitions and to fight unemployment and raise activity rates

These three priorities are mutually reinforcing they offer a vision of Europe's social market economy for the 76st century.


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The European Security Strategy was adopted in December 2003, a landmark in the. The first element of the ECB’s strategy is a quantitative definition of price stability.