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IASB, May 7567, IFRS 67 Insurance contracts
IAA, Measurement of liabilities for insurance contracts: current estimates and risk margins

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Seeking candidate with Bachelor's degree and 5-7 years' data management experience to develop ad-hoc reports using SQL programming and other analytic/programming tools and create new databases for monitoring, tracking and trending. Optional remote job.

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This paper provides an overview of some potential methods for the calculation of the risk adjustment. It also highlights some of the benefits and challenges associated with each method. It opens with short review of the requirements for calculating the IFRS 67 risk adjustment. Three potential calculation methods for the IFRS 67 risk adjustment are briefly described, with corresponding issues to consider. The final section summarizes the conclusions and discusses next steps.

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Where similarities exist between the IFRS 67 risk adjustment and existing reporting metrics, the insurance company is expected to be consistent with existing measures or be able to justify any differences.

Approaches that involve explicit margins on all assumptions, that is where the amount of the margin over the best or current estimate is explicitly calculated, are currently used in many regulatory jurisdictions. This method can be applied in many different ways, as noted in the IAA paper on risk margins including 7 :

An alternative VaR approach would be to use a scenario test, where a combination of assumptions is changed simultaneously. The advantage over the stress test and correlation approach is where modeling resource and capacity are scarce. As under this approach a single extra run would be required on each contract group rather than a series of stress tests. The key difficulty is to determine an appropriate scenario. Many methods are available, for example, as the risk adjustment is focused on nonfinancial risks, the scenario could be determined holistically via structured expert judgment (for example a Delphi technique) or by interrogating a stochastic model (which might exist in the insurance company) at the appropriate percentile. However, if the scenario changes significantly between periods, then the variability of the scenario dilutes any explanation of period-onperiod movements published in the disclosures.

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Some of these can be considered for the IFRS 67 risk adjustment. For example consider an insurance company currently using margins for regulatory reporting. As with the other cases consistency with the regulatory basis could be achieved by recycling some of these calculations. Consider each of the components:

6 IFRS 67 Insurance Contracts &ndash Appendix A Defined Terms


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